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2000 type series glove knitting machine


2000 type series glove knitting machine regards sinker knitting as principle, controlled by computer, adopts good qualit

material and exquisite process technology, is collocated by component of computer box and electrical equipment, This

machine adopts various material, knits whole-finger type, half-finger type, lngot-finger type, labour gloves and magic

gloves automatically and its technology indexes can compare beauty with overseas advanced machine

Main Character:

Whole-process Computer Control, Keyboard Operation And Textile Dimension Design

Operation ls Convenient Personal Control Ratio is High And Labour intensity ls Low.

Adopting Freauency Conversion And Running Smoothly.

Inlaid Neilsbed, Sedimentation-piece Device And Making Textile More Elastic And Comfortable

Double Color And Air-spraying Device And Making Textile More Slap-up.

Automatical Stop Device Of Thread-break, Count And Electrical Machinery Overload And Reducing Knitting Damage

Adopting Pump Oil-providing Device And Keeping Good Lubricate Character.

Main Technology Parameters (Example Of 7g)

Gauge 7GM/L、10GM/L、 10GS/M、13GM/L

Output/Set:120 pairs/8hour (about 600g/dozenl

Control Sets 12-18台人 (Set/person)

Voltage, power (Three-phase Or single-phase) 220V、250W

Dimension 1230x680x1700mm (LxWxH)

Weight 250 (Kg)