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2004Computerized glove knitting machine


2004Computerized glove knitting machine is an improved invention based on sjt2000 type its special characteristic

is its density can be adiusted by

Archimedes cam device.so that the top of glove finger is knitted round and smooth and the whole glove looks

nicerMeanwhileit can knit thinner gloves

by its improved spare parts and advanced component.

Main Character:

Computer control for whole-process,key board operation.

Steady performanceconvenient operation,high control-ratio

Archinmedes cam device and inlaying type neddle bed&sinker device makes the glove look nicer

With double colorair-spaying device,gloves become high-grade.

With auto-stop device for thread-break,count improper download,electrical machinery overload etc,it reduces

damage&loss in knitting.

Electromagnet over-temperature protection,short circuit protection,to ensure the normal operation of computer


Adopting electronic-auto-control oil-providing device and keep lubricate character

Main Technology parameters(Example of 10G)

Gauge: 10G、12G、15G

Highest rotate speed :Lonqway 140rpm shortway 280rpm

Voltage, power :Three-phase & single-phase 220V.250W

Output/Set : 140 pairs/8hour

Control Sets: 12-18Set/person

Dimension: 1230x680x1700mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 250千克 (Kg)