his type of machine can, via the computer, automatically adjust yarn length, knitting cam switching, needle

bed racking. color conversion, the speed and width changing. According

to the width of fabrics, it can be operated in a simple but efficient way with a hogh speed.

up to 1.5m/sec

Knitting width:32” 42” 52"100"68"82"

Gauge: 5G 7G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G 18G 20G

Speed: controlled by program, according to the knitting width and condition, max15m/sec

Racking: the programmable racking 1-6 needles position one direction, 1/2 position adjustable

Yarn length: controlled by stepper motor, 0-99 grades changeable

Yarn carrier: 6 sets of warn carries.

Needle selection: can select high-pin or low-pin needles

lake down: tensions changeable by program.

Stop motion: yarn breaking, needle break, collide needle, knot, press off, yarn floating

roll back, wrong racking carriage overload, program failure, pieces counting

over will alarm automnatically