industrial circular knitting machine needle (agujas para máquinas de tejer) platina are suitable for Single jersey circular knitting machine, Double Jersey Machine, Rib Double Jersey Machine, Interlock Double Jersey Machine, Terry Single Jersey Machine, Auto Striper Single Jersey Machine, Auto Striper Single Jersey Machine,2 track and 4 track single jersey machine which can make interlock,8-lock, spacer, sportswear, nightwear, outerwear, underwear or sport & leisure technical Textiles

Applicable Model: artificial fur knitting machine.

Applicable Brand:WELLKNIT LISKY FUKUHARA (Japan) ORIZIO (Italy) MAYER & CIE (Germany)HANMA (China) HUPTER (Taiwan) JIUNN LONG (Taiwan) MASA (Taiwan) DONG HO (Taiwan)SHANGHAI NR VIISSANG YOUNGPAILUNGJIUNN LONGLKMWHA HINGKEUM YOUNLIEN YUAN,GOANG LI FALMACSUNDAAIWAN KWAN LEHLEUM YOUNGTERROTMONARCH agujas de máquina de teje ,agulhas da máquina de tricô, circular knitting machine needle
Code VO122.41 J02
Series circular machine needles
Material stainless steel
Color silver

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Our products include various types of knitting needles, such as crochet needles, computerized flat knitting needles, circular knitting needles, socks knitting needles and weaving needles.   Our crochet needles are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and precision in their performance, while our computerized flat knitting needles feature advanced technology that allows for faster, more efficient knitting. Our circular knitting needles are perfect for creating seamless garments and accessories.   our sock knitting needles are designed specifically for creating comfortable, well-fitting socks.   While our weaving needles can handle very small wires and filaments to create more detailed fabrics. No matter your knitting needs, our range of knitting needles is sure to have the perfect tool for the job. circular machine needle VO 122.41 J02 knitting needle circular machine needle VO 122.41 J02 knitting needle